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Inquiring Minds

Irene Salter, PhD

Leadership Coach +++++

  • Website design + management

  • Copywriting + editing

  • Photo Editing

  • Custom Coding

  • Illustration

  • CRM Integration

  • Newsletter Design

“I am utterly thrilled with the dynamic new website Robin helped me build. Her combined talents with illustration, graphic design, and web development were instrumental to making the project come together so beautifully on such a short deadline. She delivers above expectations, and when she doesn’t know the answer, takes the initiative to do the research and ask questions to figure it out. Plus she’s a really wonderful human with a big heart. I have absolutely LOVED working with her and will continue to go back to her whenever I need help. “ - Irene Salter, Inquiring Minds (


quirky, fascinating, women-owned coaching business, neuroscientist, author, speaker, and leader

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